LBSC 690 - Information Technology - Spring 2012 - Schedule

Note: this schedule is provisional. There are classes on the dates listed; the topics described will be covered; but the ordering and allocation to dates may change.

Week Date Topic Readings Assignment due Slides
1 Jan 31 Computers and data Lecture 1
2 Feb 7 Networking and the internet Homework 1 (solution) Lecture 2
3 Feb 14 Structured documents and (X)HTML
  • "Discovering Computers 2011", Chapter 13, section on `Web page development'
  • "D is for Digital", Chapter 10
  • The Wikipedia page on structured documents.
  • Work through the w3schools HTML tutorial as far as `HTML Lists'.
  • If you're already comfortable with HTML, then read the w3 schools list of the differences between HTML and XHTML.
  • Read the help page on loading web pages to your TerpConnect account and check that you can transfer files successfully; you'll need this for homework, and it's best to be aware of problems in advance.
Homework 2 (solution) Lecture 3 (by Earl Wagner) (pdf), (ppt),
4 Feb 21 Separating presentation, structure, and style: (X)HTML and CSS Homework 3 (solution) Lecture 4
5 Feb 28 Structured data and databases Homework 4 (solution) Lecture 5
6 Mar 6 Database engines and SQL Homework 5 (solution) Lecture 6
7 Mar 13
  • Mid-term exam (take home)
  • Introductory project presentations
  • Programming and javascript
  • "Discovering Computers 2011", Chapter 13.
  • "D is for Digital", Chapters 5 and 7.
  • The "Basic" section of the Javascript tutorial at w3 schools.
Homework 6 (solution) Lecture 7
Spring break
8 Mar 27 Client- and server-side programming Homework 7 (solution) Lecture 8
9 Apr 3 Content management system, blogs, and wikis When reading about these software systems, consider the question of server side versus client side, and what server-side resources might be necessary. Homework 8 (solution) Lecture 9
10 Apr 10 Multimedia: images, video, and sound No homework: work on your project Lecture 10
11 Apr 17 Characterizing and searching the web No homework: work on your project Lecture 11
12 Apr 24 Software development and deployment No homework: work on your project Lecture 12
13 May 1 Security, copyright, and policy Lecture 13
14 May 8 Project presentations
Exam May 15 Exam

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