LBSC 690 - Information Technology - Spring 2012 - Projects

Project requirements

There is a single project for LBSC 690. This is a team project, with each team to consist of three students. The project is to implement a web site or other online service. The contents of the site are up to the project members, but the site must integrate at least two of the following four technologies covered in this course:

Projects are to be executed in groups of three students (or two, if there are not a round number of three).

On Tuesday, March 13th (Week 7), following the in-class mid-term exam, each team will give a 4-minute introductory presentation to the class on their intended project content, and receive feedback from class members. One project member is to lead this presentation.

On Tuesday, May 8th (Week 14), each team will give 12-minute in-class presentations of their projects, demonstrating their project site, discussing the ideas behind it, and describing the technologies used. The two project members who did not give the introductory presentation in week 7 will give this presentation.

On Saturday, May 12th the development on the project site is to cease and the project report is to be submitted. The report should be 4-6 pages long, and describe:


Assessment will be performed by the instructor and will be based upon the two presentations (with most weight given to the final presentation) and the final report. Consideration will be given to:

Naturally, students should also design and work for the site with an eye towards including it in a professional portfolio of their work.

Project ideas

Teams are free to implement sites on whatever topic or content they like, and are encourage to pursue their own interests. Sources of inspiration include:

You may also like to look at past examples of LBSC 690 projects.


You may host the site where you wish. The terpconnect servers are the natural primary location for the site. Please discuss with the instructor if you need to use technologies (such as database or server-side programming) that terpconnect does not provide.

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